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Temp / Work from Home Opportunities

Occasionally we have short-term opportunities that offer great flexibility.  For example, over a three to five-day period we may need a few thousand extra operators to take calls at home.  These opportunities come up on occasion, usually with little to no notice, and they are very flexible and easy:  as long as you have a Windows computer with an Internet connection, and are able to take calls at the computer while you're connected to the Internet, you can do the work.  It needs to be a relatively quiet environment but the rigorous standards required by our core business don't apply.

The pay is usually $8 to $9 an hour and payment often can be made the same day that you perform the work --- essentially as a high-tech, customer service-oriented "day laborer".

If you are interested in being notified when such an opportunity arises, please answer the questions on the form below.  When opportunities arise we might contact you by phone and/or by email.  There is no obligation and it doesn't reflect negatively if you request to be notified of opportunities, but turn them down when they arise. 

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